Shower Screens

Stylish Glass Shower Screens – Canberra

Canberra Glass Solutions supplies and installs quality glass shower screens across the Canberra region. Customers can choose from a wide range of frameless, semi-frameless, and fully framed glass shower screens in various colours and textures. At Canberra Glass Solutions, we use only safety glass that meets Australian Standards AS/NZS 1288 and 2208.

Types of Glass Shower Screens

The team at Canberra Glass Solutions will help you choose a shower screen that matches your décor and budget. In addition, we’ll suggest a suitable door (hinged, pivot, sliding) for your shower.

The following glass shower screens are available from Canberra Glass Solutions:


A frameless glass shower screen adds a clean, seamless, minimalistic look to your bathroom. It also showcases your shower tiles. Frameless glass shower screens are more expensive than semi-frameless ones, as they’re made from thicker safety glass (usually 10mm) to provide the required structural integrity.


A semi-frameless glass shower screen is a cross between a frameless screen and a framed one. It’s probably the most popular kind of glass shower screen in Canberra – due to its minimalistic good looks and affordability. Semi-frameless glass shower screens usually have an outer frame and exposed inner edges.

Fully Framed

A traditional fully framed glass shower screen has no exposed glass edges – opening up the possibility of using different metals for decorative effect. Popular frame metals include stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. An advantage of fully framed glass shower screens is their availability at different price points.

Glass Options

Shower screen glass comes in different thicknesses (4mm – 10mm) and finishes (clear, low-iron, frosted, coloured, patterned, and textured). Our glaziers will help you choose the right shower screen glass in Canberra.


Standard “clear” glass is very popular in Canberra and Queanbeyan. “Clear” glass is cost-effective and displays a greenish tinge in natural light.


“Low-iron” glass has had most of the iron particles removed from it – resulting in glass that’s clearer than standard “clear” glass.


“Frosted” glass (also called acid-etched or sandblasted glass) has an opaque appearance – providing greater privacy than other glass finishes.


“Tinted” glass enables you to match a shower screen with the décor in your bathroom. Tinted glass is available in multiple colours and gradients.


“Patterned” glass provides an alternative to “frosted” glass. “Patterned” glass shower screens involve the use of a ceramic ink printer or glass etcher.


“Textured” glass provides glass shower screens in Canberra with a tactile quality. Many textures may feel like wood, brick, tile, or stone.

To learn more about glass shower screens in Canberra, please call the helpful team at Canberra Glass Solutions on 0422 096 653 or send an email.